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Facing Problems in Yahoo Mail Attachments and Download File?

Yahoo Email have provided attachment option for their user as sometimes words just aren't enough to express, Sending a song to your someone, documents to your boss, or photos to your family and friends. Yahoo user can even share your photos/images and files right from Yahoo emails

Yahoo Helpline for Attaching A file :

Make your emails even more meaningful by adding attachments to it.

  • Click on Compose.
  • Click on the Attach Files icon.
  • computer's file selection window opens.
  • Once the file you want to attach is located.
  • Now compose your email and click Send.
yahoo mail attachememt issue yahoo mail attachememt issue

Preview attachments in Yahoo Mail

If you want to view an attachment in an email, but you don't have the time to download it first? Yahoo have preview it option.

Previewing attachments

Just view attachments you get in messages in yahoo email account, like Word docs and PDFs, right in Yahoo Mail.

Preview one attachment

Just "View" option will appear next to any attachments you receive that can be previewed.

  • Click the name of the attached file.
  • Click on the upper-right corner to close the preview .

Preview multiple attachments

View all should be clicked to open all viewable attachments.

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Yahoo Mail Services

  • Unable to login due to locked account
  • Problem in authentication security
  • Trapped Yahoo mail account issues
  • Unwanted mails in Yahoo
  • Problems while composing email
  • Forgotten email address and password
  • Reset or edit email account password
  • Unable to install Yahoo mail app easily
  • Problems in synchronizing email account
  • New device sign in issues
  • privacy settings and security issues
  • Yahoo mail account has been hacked
  • Compromised mail account issues
  • Sending and receiving mail stucks in between

Downloading Attachment

Save files sent to you by others to on your email id

  • Message containing the attachment is opened.
  • Click on Download attachment in the message.
  • Select where you would like the attachment to be saved on your device.

Sharing photos and Files

Photos and files can be shared on through attachment.

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Unable to attach a folder

  • The folder you want to compress should be Right-clicked and Send To.
  • Compressed Folder selected.
  • Click OK .
  • Once the folder has been compressed, a ZIP file is created .
  • After creating a ZIP file, you can attach the file to an email in Yahoo Mail, then send it.
  • The person on other side need to unzip the file before they open the folder.

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